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Founded in 1978 by Charles Trimble and two partners above a movie theatre in Los Altos, California and now headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif Trimble remains one of the most forward-thinking technology companies to make field and mobile workers in business and government significantly more productive. Trimble solutions are now at work in over 150 countries and have employees in more than 40 countries, So let's take a look at a couple of the top-selling Trimble products. 

Trimble TSC3

The Trimble TSC3 controller is a handheld field computing solution that streamlines the flow of everyday surveying work and the number of devices you need in the field. 

The Trimble TSC3 was launched on January 19th 2011 and introduced as the ‘Next Generation field device’ and how right they have been some eleven years later. The Trimble TSC3 is still one of the top handheld computing solutions for surveyors and geospatial professionals to collect, share and deliver data between the field and the office. The 4.2 inch, high resolution, sunlight-readable touchscreen display, integrated Wi-Fi and long battery life still make this a favoured tool in the industry.

The Trimble TSC3 works with the Trimble S5, Trimble S7, Trimble S9, Trimble R10, Trimble R8s and Trimble R2 systems and is available from Trimble's worldwide survey and infrastructure distribution network.

The Trimble TSC3 design includes a 5MP camera with autofocus so you can take digital photographs of your job site right from the control and record qualitative information such as site conditions or work progress.

The Trimble TSC3 is designed for the worksite but to help avoid a costly display break I would add a clear Nano glass screen protector to your Trimble TSC3.

Trimble TDC600

The Trimble TDC600 handheld is a sleek, all in one rugged smartphone with a built-in professional GNSS receiver, Designed for ease of use in a wide range of GIS and survey applications. The Trimble TDC600 can collect and retrieve accurate spatial information while staying in touch with the office.

The Trimble TDC600 fits in your hand or in a pocket for comfortable operation and has a bright 6-inch high definition screen which makes for easy viewing in both sunlight and deep shadow. Operating on Android 10 with Google mobile services gives you access to any application – third party or custom built to suit your workflow and personalize your device. Built for all-weather conditions and certified with an IP67 rating which protects against water and dust ingress, and drops show how well built this smartphone was for the field. If you are wanting to avoid a costly display break I would recommend adding a Nano glass screen protector to your Trimble TDC600

Trimble has used the same tagline since 1978 ‘Transforming the way the world works’ and they continue to do that today.

If you are interested in bulk buying screen protectors for Trimble products send us a message.

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