Device Spotlight: Onyx Boox Lumi 2

The ONYX International Company officially organised in 2006, is one of the leading producers of devices for reading electronic books. A distinctive feature of ONYX electronic books is use of modern E-Ink screens and original design of the models. All the ONYX devices have high-performance processors and powerful accumulators.

The ONYX Boox Lumi 2 is the top of the ONYXs range of devices with a huge 13.3’ E Ink Mobius Carta Screen boasting a front light and dual touch controls. You can fit a massive amount of documents onto the ONYX Boox Lumi 2 with its 128GB of storage and it supports almost any file type that you can think of, but that’s not the clever part. Nor is the endlessly customizable formatting – From tweaking the boldness of text to setting how often the screen refreshes.

The operating system is Android 11 so you have a plethora of apps on the Google Play Store, which opens up a whole new world of productivity. There are a few downsides compared to other products in the ONYX stable; the Lumi 2 screen does feel a little plastic like and not impressively paper-like the company’s recent Note Air 2 but the sheer size, speed and versatility makes it all worth while.

Almost identical to it’s first Gen the Onyx Book Lumi 2 lacks an HDMI output and comes in slightly heavier and again the front screen does collect a lot of smudges. The smudges can be reduced by adding an anti-fingerprint screen protector to your Onyx Boox Lumi 2 and if you are planning on using your ONYX Book Lumi 2 outdoors you can even add an Anti-Glare screen protector.

What is an E Ink Mobius Carta Display?

E Ink Mobius Carta are high resolution screens made using ‘electronic paper’ technology and featuring a plastic backing and lighter weight. The use of plastic makes these screens less fragile then conventional glass but to avoid an expensive screen replacement I recommend adding a Nano Glass screen protector to your ONYX Boox Lumi 2.

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