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ScreenShield Blog

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Oleophobic Coating

From Smudges to Smooth Sailing: How Oleophobic Coatings Make Your Touchscreen a Dream

Rachel Jefferies
Let's face it, our phones are practically glued to our hands these days. We swipe, scroll, and tap our way through life, interacting with a world c...
Screenshield screen protectors I fingerprint resistant

The Science Behind the Swipe: Unveiling the Magic of Fingerprint-Repellent Technologies

Gareth Melia
Let's face it, our phones are practically extensions of ourselves these days. We use them for everything – from unlocking our digital lives with a ...
Screenshield Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors

Level Up Your Grind: Gamer Gear Upgrade with Blue Light Filters

Rachel Jefferies
Yo, gamers! We all know the struggle. You're grinding ranked, clutch moment approaches, and BAM! Eye strain hits you like a lag spike. Your vision ...