Device Spotlight: Oudie N by Naviter

Device Spotlight: Oudie N by Naviter

The Game Changer for pilots is here! The Oudie N has a crystal clear display bringing the pilot the right flight plan and up-to-date weather information, Oudie N brings in live data and seamless integration with SeeYou to your cockpit. 

SeeYou Navigator software is powerful new hardware running a user-friendly system that is regularly upgraded to include new software features. The SeeYou software features high-resolution maps and an easy to use planning tool. You can create task collections that match your ambitions for the near future. The SeeYou software and upgrades will be free throughout the life of your Oudie N and can all be easily installed over Wifi.

The impressive battery in the Oudie N will keep you on track for 64 hours plus of continuous flight recording with the screen powered off or 20 plus hours on a typical day with auto-brightness.

The Oudie N is trusted by Pilots all across the world including Brett Hazlett who captured this amazing video of the Paragliding World Cup in Brazil earlier this year! 

The Oudie N boasts a 1000 nits brightness, 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution 5.5-inch screen so you will never miss a thing.

  • You can buy a Nano Glass screen protector for the Oudie N here.
  • You can buy an Anti-Glare screen protector for the Oudie N here.

Enter the code ‘PilotBrett’ at the checkout for 15% off.

The Oudie N will bring you all the important information so you can focus on what’s important to keep flying for longer and further.

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