Best Tips to Protect Your Smartphone Screen

Did you know that the average person spends five to six hours a day on their phone? Not including work-related smartphone use. Needless to say, smartphones have become an extension of our lives. We use them to communicate, stay organized, and entertained.

With so much time spent on our devices, it's essential to ensure they're well-protected. One of the most vulnerable parts of your phone is the screen.

This blog post will share some tips on protecting your smartphone screen from scratches and cracks.

Use a smartphone screen protector

The first item you should get for your phone is a screen protector.

The most significant component of the phone is the display. It's also the handset's most delicate and costly component. The screen is bound to crack or shatter in the event of a little drop, mistreatment, or carelessness. A cracked or broken display is not only unsightly, but it can also cause problems.

A screen shield, such as tempered glass, is recommended to avoid this issue. With that being said, it’s best to get a screen protector made of tempered glass that is of good quality. This will prevent scratches on the screen and provide additional protection to the display.

Use a protective mobile case

Another way to keep your screen safe is to use a protective case. This will help protect the back and sides of your phone from scratches, dings, and drops.

A high-quality phone case will give your phone the most physical protection possible. It is not necessary that you settle for an expensive branded case though. Even a decent-quality non-branded one will serve and offer you the same kind of protection to your smartphone.

Avoid extreme temperatures

When it's very cold or hot outside, avoid using your phone in those conditions. It’s quite surprising but extreme temperatures can actually damage your screen (and phone altogether).

We usually think of excessive heat as producing problems for smart gadgets, but extreme cold can also cause problems. Anything below 32 degrees Fahrenheit can cause your phone to slow down.

Because we rely on our smart devices for almost everything these days, it's critical to keep them safe from excessive temperatures so they can continue to function.

Keep your phone away from sharp objects

Most of us carry our smartphones in our pockets or bags, along with other potentially abrasive items such as coins, keys, and other small items. As you walk about, these sharp items may come into touch with your phone, scratching it, and making it look unsightly.

Remove all hard objects from the area where you keep your smartphone and store it in its own spot to keep it safe. This could imply having a pocket dedicated solely to your smartphone or a separate section in your bag.

Set up a finger grip

If you have butterfingers and don't want to wear a phone case, a phone finger grip ring is the ideal solution for you. This is a huge ring or loop that you can add to the camera's rear. A couple of fingers may be inserted into this loop or ring so you can grasp your phone better.

The finger grip is also helpful since, (depending on the design), it can be used to support your smartphone when you want to leave it standing on the table, allowing you to use it hands-free.

Clean your phone regularly

Dust and dirt can scratch your screen over time, so make sure to clean it regularly using a soft cloth. When cleaning your screen, use a gentle cleaner designed specifically for electronic screens. Believe it or not, using regular household cleaners can damage your phone's screen.

Apply a smartphone skin

Glass panels on the back of Android smartphones are becoming common. This increases the phone's strength and stability, making it slippery. As a result, the likelihood of the phone being dropped and the screen being broken increases. The simplest approach to avoid such an unpleasant situation is to cover your phone with a skin cover instead.

Phone skins provide additional grip while also improving the aesthetics of your smartphone. This is a less expensive method of phone protection. The best feature is personalizing the skin to make it unique to your phone.

Don't leave your smartphone unattended

We are often careless and leave our devices in places where they are not safe. Make sure your phone is kept in a secure location at all times. If it's kept somewhere where kids or pets may get to, make sure it's visible to you, so you don't regret it later—in case your phone drops, or is stepped on accidentally.

If your child is not old enough to handle your phone with care, don't give it to them, especially if your phone contains important information you don’t want to lose. Remember, prevention is better than getting it repaired—which, in some cases, may cost more than purchasing a new unit. 

Make use of phone holders

For car owners, the perfect phone accessory is a phone holder. There are numerous reasons why you should purchase a phone holder, but the most important advantage is that it prevents you from dropping your phone, keeping it around for longer. Plus, phone holders allow you to use your smartphone without having to hold it, and this will allow you to keep your eyes on the road, and distractions at bay. With a sturdy phone holder, you can read the map while driving, without your hands ever leaving the steering wheel.


Your phone is one of the most important things you own. It’s your lifeline to the world, connection to friends and family, and a valuable business tool. That’s why it’s so important to protect your screen from scratches and cracks.

Investing in a high-quality smartphone screen protector should be at the top of your list of priorities if you want to keep your device looking new for as long as possible.

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