Device Spotlight – Kenwood DDX920WDABS

The Kenwood DDX920WDABS is one of the most popular models of after market car head units but before we explore this particular line first lets go back to where Kenwood all started.

Originally incorporated as the Kasuga Radio Company in 1946 in Japan by a young group of entrepreneurs that had decided to take advantage of the growing market for post-war consumer products, since most of Japan had been destroyed by the effects of World War II, the nation was eager and ready to re-create it’s national economy.

The Kenwood Corporation merged with JVC in October 2011 and survives under the Kenwood name now and is committed to developing car audio products across the world. Kenwood continues to design, Manufactures and markets a broad range of electronic consumer products including amplifiers, speakers, cd players, high end personal components but most commonly Kenwood produce a wide range of aftermarket car head units.

Released in April 2020 the Kenwood DDX920WDABS is an AV receiver with a 6.8 Inch High definition display. The Kenwood DDX920WDABS boasts Wired & Wireless Apple Car Play, Android Auto & Android Auto Wireless, Wireless Mirroring for Android, High-Resolution Audio Wireless, Built0in DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner and built ion Bluetooth, HD Rear Camera Input, 13 Band ES & Digital Alignment and last but not least Gold plated 3 Preouts at 5V!

The Kenwood DDX920WDABS comes with High-resolution audio and is a high-quality sound that exceeds CD standard. High-resolution audio captures and beautifully expresses all the details of your favourite music. Through ultra-high and low frequencies, you can immerse yourself in a rich extremely high quality listening experience.

How to Install a Kenwood DDX920WDABS? You can view a video on how to Install the Kenwood DDX920WDABS on YouTube.

If you want to reduce the sun glare on your Kenwood DDX920WDABS you can purchase an Anti-Glare screen protector.


If you are looking for accessories or must haves for the Kenwood DDX920WDABS, we recommend adding a Nano Glass screen protector to help save you from a potentially costly display breakage.

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