The new MacBook Air M2 - A stunning device

During the annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) Apple unveiled completely redesigned MacBook Air, replacing the world's most popular laptop. Ever since the MacBoook Air was released in 2008 to much fanfare and quickly became the most popular laptop in history. 

In 2022 the long-lived MacBook Air gets probably its most impressive overhaul yet. But is the new M2 MacBook Air a worthy replacement? We think so, and here's why? 

1. Design

The all new 2022 MacBook Air sports a fresh new design, largely borrowed from its bigger sibling - the MacBook Pro. This new design language is more sonomous of Mac's of a bygone era, but are proving popular while bringing back to the Mac a host of ports thought to be lost. 

2. M2

Apple promises solid performance gains in the 2022 model - around 20% increase in performance across general computing against the M1 model. It's unlikely we'll see the massive jumps in performance we did when M1 was first announced in 2020 - but a solid 20% gain in performance is still impressive, considering the powerhouse the M1 is.  

3. Display

Sporting Apple's Liquid Retina display with up to 500nits in brightness, the display in this years Air is out to impress. Borrowing the notched design from the MacBook Pro, really suits this model and allows for more screen real estate - something that I've noticed from using this model over the past week. The webcam also has an upgrade now supporting 1080p.

4. Battery

With the introduction of Apple Silicon - battery life has been impressive across the entire line of M1 and now M2 Mac's. Battery life in this model is impressive, I use my M2 a few hours a day and have only charged it twice in the 10 days since I opened the box! Impressive to say the least. 


5. MagSafe

When you do finally need to charge your unit, take comfort in knowing that you can use MagSafe. Thats right, it's back - and better than ever. Fast charging over magsafe allows the Mac to be charged to 50% in just 30 minutes. 

Wrapping up

Given the MacBook Air's position in the Mac lineup, there always pressure on Apple to deliver on its most popular and entry level Mac. This year Apple really has delivered - the new design, display and MagSafe make this unit, in my opinion, the best laptop for general computing period. It's super portable, light and more importantly georgous with a crazy battery to last. 

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