What is the job of a privacy screen?

Strong security methods like end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and a dependable virtual private network (VPN) will help protect not only your devices but also your personal information when you're online on your smartphone or laptop/desktop. However, the most catastrophic invasion of privacy might occur from something as innocuous as a sidelong glance (from someone sitting next to you or standing behind you, for example).

The best course of action if you're concerned about something like this is to use a privacy filter to safeguard your screen. Therefore, we are answering these questions and more in this blog post. What exactly are they, and how do they work? Find out by reading on.

What is a privacy screen protector?

With a privacy screen protector, you can protect your screen from scratches while simultaneously limiting unauthorised access to your personal data. These can be used as standard screen protectors and come in the form of tempered glass or PET (polyethene terephthalate) film. To prevent spies or coworkers from observing the data you're working on, it has an additional anti-spy layer that limits the viewing angle of your display. It benefits everyone, including office employees, teachers, retail workers, remote workers, and others. Computer privacy screens essentially prevent visual hacking.

In 2016, the Ponemon Institute in the United States of America conducted a study dubbed the Visual Hacking Experiment that showed:

  • 91% of visual hacks are effective on their first try.
  • In 52% of visual hacks, employees' computer screens were used to access susceptible data.
  • In 49% of the initial attempts, the visual hacks could be finished in about 15 minutes.
  • Employees did not even confront the visual hacker in 68% of the efforts.
  • China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom were among the participants.

An anti-reflective screen and blue light filter are also functions of a privacy filter. They are touchscreen-compatible and made to fit the screens of the majority of monitors, laptops, and tablets.

How do privacy screens function?

A polarised sheet is used as a computer privacy screen to reduce the viewing angle to roughly 30 degrees on each side. These tiny louvres perform a similar role to the window coverings on your PC. It reduces glare in your eyes using the same fundamental technology as polarised sunglasses. However, privacy screens can offer either vertical or 360-degree protection, unlike window blinds. This provides the highest level of safety while working in public spaces by dramatically reducing both vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

Because of the angle of the micro louvres, some of the monitor's pixels are hidden. Only the front can be used to view the ones that are allowed. As a result, nobody can see your monitor from adjacent desks or other aisles. Given how simple it is for someone to film what you're working on from behind you, without your knowledge, it's also helpful for stopping a camera or camcorder from recording your screen.

The benefits of using a smartphone privacy screen protector

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone from their preferred manufacturer, and nobody would ever want their cherished devices to be cracked or damaged. Glass screen protectors are crucial to the overall protection of your smartphone, just like other smartphone accessories.

Even if more resistant glass makes up the majority of modern smartphones, you should still think about installing a screen protector because it will shield your phone from damage brought on by physical contact. Screen guards come in a wide variety of styles. Screen protectors come in a wide range of materials, including Gorilla Glass, TPU, 9H hardness, oleophobic, and many more.

Helps reduce glare

Your eyes may become tired and irritated by staring at the screen of your phone. This issue can easily be resolved by applying a screen protector with a matte or anti-glare surface. The diffusion technique is used by the matte-finished screen guardians to lessen the uniformity of the reduced images. This prevents flashbacks from damaging your eyes by dispersing the light that is reflected from the screen's surface.

The light that enters your eyes again is undesirable since it can tighten and strain the muscles close to your iris. The anti-glare shield helps to increase visibility and makes using the device for extended periods of time easier and more pleasant. Get an anti-glare or matte screen protector if you use your phone frequently outside or in brightly lit areas.

Helps get rid of sticky fingerprints

Sticky finger marks on a smartphone screen are an annoyance that every user has encountered. Sticky finger stains can be removed by periodically washing your hands or wiping them down with a towel. But sadly, that won't always be an option. Utilizing a Huawei glass screen protector, you can still get rid of stubborn fingerprints on your phone's display. These will enable you to keep the marks from appearing on your phone's screen. The crystal clear screen protectors' oleophobic layer helps to keep fingerprint smudges off the screen. Thanks to its streamlined and comfortable design, your phone's display will appear more organised.

Lowers the Probability of Heavy Impact Damage

Most of us have unintentionally dropped our phones, which may have caused significant harm. You require a Huawei glass screen protector for your smartphone primarily because you carry it with you everywhere.

We spend a considerable sum of money to purchase the phone of our dreams. Therefore, regardless of how much or how little harm there is, you will feel terrible. The Huawei glass screen protectors have the capacity to withstand shock from any blow and offer the necessary defence against drops and scratches.

In order to build numerous layers, sheets of complex polymers are bonded together to form screen protectors. These layers provide an essential level of protection for your smartphone. Screen protectors that absorb shock are available for purchase on the market.

However, the majority of people believe that it lessens the phone's sensitivity. This is untrue since anti-shock screen protectors are made of a remarkably thin plastic layer that doesn't affect the phone's sensitivity and, as a consequence, preserves the clarity of the phone's visual display.

Offers privacy

There is a good probability that someone will be staring at your phone's screen and keeping an eye on you while you use it in a public place. Visual hacking is a serious issue that could harm you even if you are not aware of it.

But there's no need to panic because a variety of screen protectors, such as 2-way privacy filters, 4-way privacy filters, and many more, are offered on the market. They make it simpler for you to safeguard your sensitive information confidentially from members of the public who are unable or unwilling to respect others' privacy.

When a privacy filter screen protector is used on a mobile device, only the user who is immediately in front of the device can see the information on the screen; it is not visible to anybody else from any other angle. The privacy filters are accessible to all users. However, businessmen who work with sensitive information will find it most helpful.

When employing a privacy filter, your screen appears blacked out when seen from a position outside of the visible angle. This complies with the new General Data Protection Regulation because it adds previously unheard-of levels of physical security (GDPR). However, this crucial tool does more than just safeguard the data displayed on your computer. Additionally, it benefits your general health and well-being.

Put a total end to the scuffs and wear

Even if we take great care of our phones, we frequently treat them harshly, which can result in blemishes and scratches on the screen if a screen protector is not there. Besides fingerprints, did you realise that sand and dust can also damage the screen? If you take your smartphone outside, it will most likely be exposed to airborne particles like dust and sand, which can cause a number of bothersome disturbances when they come into contact with the display.

These issues won't arise if you apply a Huawei glass screen protector, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying yourself while using your smartphone.

What are you still holding out for? Start the process of keeping your smartphone secure. Get the Huawei glass screen protector from Screenshield right away.
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