Introducing NICK'S - Seriously Tough Accessories

NICK'S - Born out of the love for simplicity; and the necessity of serious device protection comes the all-new range of NICK'S – seriously tough accessories.

It’s hard to navigate accessories now for devices without being overwhelmed by hundreds of cheaply produced products that will either break during first use or as you take it out of the packet, 

NICK'S Screen protectors

Fitted screen protectors that are impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and hold on securely. NICK'S Screen protectors will add that extra layer of protection to your device to stop you from making a costly display break. Every one of NICK'S screen protectors comes with a ‘NICK'S application kit’ which includes alcohol prep wipes, guide stickers and a microfibre cloth to make applying a screen protector easier than it has ever been before.

NICK'S Screen Protectors are currently available for: 

NICK'S charging cables

made with aluminium alloy, TPE and high-density nylon braided wire NICK'S lightning cables will charge all your Apple iPad and iPhone models while NICK'S USBC cables will charge all your Android devices.   

NICK'S Cleaning kit 

Designed to keep all your accessories clean is Nick’s cleaning kit, Including micro brushes, microfibre cloths, alcohol wipes and dust absorbers. Thoroughly clean out and disinfect your headphones, smartphones and all kinds of digital products.

Is it really tough if it’s not Nick-proof? Browse the range of NICK'S seriously tough accessories.

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