Device Spotlight: Huawei Watch GT

There are two variants of the Huawei Watch GT that you need to know about Huawei calls them the ‘Sport’ and the ‘The Classic’ and for the purpose of this spotlight, we are doing a brief overview of both. 

The Huawei Watch GT is a slimline and light smartwatch with a full-colour display. It is comfortable to wear and looks great on your wrist. The Huawei GT is a combination of ceramic and metal and the numbers on the bezel give it that more classy traditional feel to it. There is a 1.39 inch AMOLED display that has amazing clarity thanks to the high resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, which is significantly higher than we have seen on other smartwatches.

The operating system on Huawei remains a little limited as it is included its own LightOS software which isn’t Wear OZ or Tizen, like a lot of smartwatches from Android phone manufacturers. The LightOS software includes a lot of fitness tech and customizable watch faces but having deviated away from Android operating systems the Huawei Watch lacks now mainstream smartwatch features like Google Pay. Fitness tech modes included on the GT are Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Run, Trail Run, Outdoor Cycle, Indoor Cycle and The Huawei Watch GT is 5ATM waterproof so fitness tech features like Open Water Swim and Pool Swim are well loved. 

One of the most exciting points about the Huawei Watch GT is Huawei believes this watch should last almost a whole month on a single charge! This of course will depend on various usage like GPS tracking your exercise.

The Huawei Watch GT originally released in 2018 has come a long way with updates but while running the LightOS software it does lack in comparison to other smartwatches, However it is the perfect watch if fitness is your main aim, it has an outstanding battery life and also looks great! If you are serious about the Huawei Watch GT I would recommend adding a Nano glass screen protector.

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