Device Spotlight: Cipherlab RS51

CipherLab's RS51 series is the device that perfectly blends commercial smartphone usability and enterprise functionality. The 4.7" display with bare/gloved finger and stylus inputs enhance user experience with operation convenience. Streamlines data capture with simply one device. It supports various data collection of 1D/2D barcodes, RFID, and NFC applications. On top of that, RS51 is built with the most reliable Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE connections for constant backend system data transmission and real-time communication.

The Cipherlab RS51 series comes as an Android Enterprise Recommended device, which means users have the support of multiple versions of the Android OS within its product life cycle.

What are the specifications of the Cipherlab RS51?

Cipherlab RS51
Operating System Android 8.1 with GMS
Memory 16GB Flash / 2GB Ram
Working hours Minimum 12 hours
Camera Autofocus 13 megapixels
Size 162 x 80 x 26 mm
Weight 330g
Barcode Scanning 2D imager/Mid range 2D imager

Cipherlab has made this easy with extensive support including technical inquiries, product info updates and warranty. You can view the launch video for the Cipherlab RS51 on Youtube here.

There are many accessories for the Cipherlab RS51 including screen protectors and pistol grips.

You can buy a screen protector for your Cipherlab RS51 here. If you need to bulk buy screen protectors for Cipherlab RS51 send us a message here.