Designed with precision and innovation, Optic+ Anti-Glare Screen Protectors go beyond mere protection, offering a superior solution to combat glare and reflections. Unleash the full potential of your screen with our advanced technology that not only shields against scratches, smudges and damage but also ensures optimal visibility in any lighting condition. Optic+ Anti-Glare takes your device interaction to new heights, seamlessly combining clarity with resilience.

Nano-Texture Technology

Optic+ Anti-Glare Screen Protectors are made from a number of layers and materials. Leveraging the strength and transparency of PET, the screen protector maintains its impact and scratch resistance for months.

The Nano-Texture (also referred to as Matte, AR or Anti-Glare) coating reduces the amount of light that reflects off your display, in turn allowing for a clearer image in bright or sunny conditions. The silicon-based adhesive allows the protector to securely adhere to the display, and when removed, leaves no trace.

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All our screen protectors include for free the Optic+ Application Kit. The kit includes all the tools and instructions you need to apply your screen protector perfectly, first time.

  • Antiseptic Cleaning Wipe
  • Guide Stickers
  • Smoothing Tool
  • Dust Removal Sticker
  • Microfibre Polishing Cloth

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